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But there is a handful of employed douchebags who truly believe that they own the venue where they are working, or even Halsted Street, for that matter.Oh, I'm sorry, but last I checked, you were just sitting people down for bottle service, not paying the rent for the place.He'll conveniently position himself between you and his friend on the dance floor, he'll consistently interject himself into other conversations and he will try to make you overlook his shameless antics by buying all of you shots of bottom-shelf liquor -- the worst.Hot guys are a dime a dozen in Boystown, so find another one who has a witty wingman and not a sloppy sidekick. Attention, all homo thugs: Blasting rap as you drive with your seat back in a Cutlass does not make you straight or give you any type of street cred.His pretentious demeanor is only outdone by his deluded sense of access. or being photographed in magazine at some boutique opening that was already open to the public does not mean you're sitting at the table.) He probably lives in the suburbs and stays with friends who have nice apartments in the city. He maintains a strict gym regimen that only includes cardio, he shops exclusively at Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch, and he works at some mysterious club-promoting job that allows him to go out five nights a week.Do not be fooled by talk of his fabulous lifestyle or by his Facebook check-ins at the newest places downtown. As if that weren't enough, he thinks Britney Spears should run for president and has dreams of opening up a hair salon or a boutique one day, even though he's never cut or styled anyone in his life. However, this douchebag completely forgot that the whole point of education is to help people, not to use it against them.If you're out and about, partying with friends, dating, working at your job, hell, even just going to the grocery store, you've probably had the unfortunate, ill-fated experience of meeting a douchebag.Unfortunately, if you're living your life, you have to navigate, or, worse, condescend to interact with, the community of sophomoric people who consider Ed Hardy vintage couture and think it's all right to bring Svedka to house parties.

Your online magazine and guide to everything gay and gay-friendly, GLBT and LGBT in Chicago and also show you some things off the beaten path, that only the locals know about! (Everybody hates that guest, by the way.) Albeit an unnecessary evil, douchebaggery knows no limits and crosses all races, classes, genders, sexualities, political affiliations and the like.In particular, there's been a dreadful influx of douchebags who have set up shop in Chicago's renowned Boystown neighborhood.Send this douchebag back to school to learn some social skills and free yourself of his holier-than-thou attitude.The Sidekick: This annoying little pest is usually the unfortunate-looking friend of the hot guy who is trying to talk to you in the club.

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