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In proof of this they pointed to their pronun- ciation.

e., between the Alutor Koryak and the Ke'rek), explained to me that, though leading the settled life of sea-hunters, they belong by origin to the Reindeer Koryak.

100 5 CD 5 OJ O CD PM 102 A45 V KORYAK TEXTS PUBLICATIONS of the American Ethnological Society Edited by FRANZ BOAS VOLUME V BY WALDEMAR BOGORAS E. BRILL, LIMITED PUBLISHERS AND PRINTERS LEYDEN, 1917 G. Bogoras ; and since the volume has been in type for over two years, it seems best to publish the collection of Koryak texts alone. Thus, in the dialect of Kamen- skoye, nu'tamit (EARTH) changes in the dative to notai'tin. dual pi., various tenses 22.8; 100.6,12 -fvi-(Ch.-ivi-,-fwu-), increase of action 44. gti, -eti, -wti), allative 20.1 535.6 536.3; 43.3 -i, intransitive subject, 3d per. -in), adjectival, material, and possessive 24.10; 25.3; 46.2; 53.3; 64.2578.1 -in- (Ch.

Owing to the war, it has been im- possible to communicate with Mr. In Koryak, with its constant dialectical changes from a to , this pair of vowels is excluded from the action of the vocalic harmony just described, and both a and e are considered as neutral. sing., various tenses 84.14; 88.20 -t (shortened -i and -e), intransitive subject, 3d per.

THE collection of Koryak texts here published was made as part of the field-work of the Jesup North Pacific Ex- pedition of the American Museum of Natural History. Some parts of this territory had never been visited by any white man, not even by a single Russian trader, and I met camps and villages the inhabitants of which did not even know the taste of brandy, in these countries, the foremost product of civilization, and the first to arrive.

They said, "We say yaya'na (HOUSE), and the Alutor people say rar.a'na* Instead of the classification "western and eastern groups," we might just as well have said "northern and southern groups ;" but I prefer the former designation, because the pronunciation of the eastern branch is nearer to that of the Chukchee, who live to the east.

The eastern branch includes also the Maritime 1 See map, Publications of the Jesup North Pacific Expedition, vol. Koryak of the villages on the Pacific coast around Alutor Bay, and those of the Pacific villages still farther east.

These last belong ethnographi- cally to the Kamchatka Koryak, although they are counted by the Russian Administration as belonging to the Gishiga district.

In compounds, the vowels of the first group are replaced by the corresponding vowels of the second group whenever the word contains a single vowel of the second group in any position whatsoever.

Therefore they may form combinations with either group of long vowels.

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