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As they hoped, they are invited in at the end of the night, but it’s not quite as they hoped.

Suffering for Science, Part 1 That babe runs the Institute for the Analysis of Anguish, an entire organization dedicated to experimenting with strong and painful erotic stimulation. […]Misery Milcah Halili was so willing and sexually excited for their date with London River, a hot and mysterious cutie they’ve been lusting after for quite a during the time that.

I had to have this woman touching me, I craved her.

Thus Christianne introduced me to a brave new world of awesome woman to woman sex. She taught me how to properly lick her pussy, something I did with pleasure.

If you`ve seen her play everything from tackle football to basketball and running track, you`d understand my sheer amazement. Things got even better when I used the strap-on dildo to fuck her really hard, just like I knew she craved it.

Christianne surprised me with a request that I pull her hair while spanking her. Flipping Christianne on her back, I raised her legs in the air and drilled my strap-on dildo into her pussy, looking into her beautiful golden brown eyes as I fucked her. Then I kissed her passionately, and we lay exhausted in a bed filled with our own love juices.

I spanked her big round butt open-handed, and delighted in hearing her squeal and moan as I really laid it on her.

Cuckold is made to watch his wife getting nailed... But not to […]The Professionals Sergeant Miles thought this chap had the drop on London River and was going to have to have a little fun with her whilst that babe was knocked out.

I could deny my sweet Christianne Lassiter nothing.

Besides, just between you and me, I think I am honestly becoming addicted to the taste of her pussy. I loved getting her big round butt all over my face, and also to climb on top of her and ride her as she fucked me with a strap-on dildo.

Now London has her tied up in rope bondage getting whipped and flogged and prodded at with a BBQ skewer.

Maitresse Madeline cuckolds her boyfriend with a... They wake up and are […]Tape Gagged Bella Rossi knew this babe wanted to fuck London River from the pont of time she saw her, but, like so many others, she did not know all of what that meant.

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