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But I feel, especially after losing my mother so young, that because "life is short," I shouldn't waste time on him.

I've heard him say to people that Bonnie is "the love of his life." The bottom line is: I don't talk to him anymore.

(2) You state that your parents lived happily for 45 years. the miserliness and the lack of sensitivity on her father's part. But I think it might be instructive to recognize that in a marriage of many years' duration, both spouses must bear the responsibility of the nature and quality of that relationship.

"Nobody can do to you what you won't allow them to do" goes the saying.

I would not let her suffer one second, as she would have done for me!

I stayed at her house from am to pm every day and night, shopping for them, cleaning, and taking care of her, which was my honor to do. I took her to the hospital five days a week for five weeks for her radiation treatments because she needed help and support and someone to talk to doctors and nurses with daily problems.

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I did not attend his wedding and I've never seen his new house.

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