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Several Roman men died in what was believed to be a plague, until a servant woman revealed that they had been poisoned by a conspiracy of matrons.Two patrician women arrested admitted to preparing concoctions but claimed that they were medicinal; when they drank themselves to prove it, at their own suggestion, they died immediately. According to Livy, "their act was regarded as a prodigy, and suggested madness rather than felonious intent".

Prussian aristocrat who poisoned her lover, husband and aunt and tried to poison an unhappy servant, always with arsenic. Cannon, reportedly aroused by the sight of black males being beaten into submission, was arrested when four skeletons (three children, one male adult) were found buried in her property, though ironically most of the gang's victims were probably rival white slavers.

Though his killings were done during war parties, he was partially motivated by a dream in which he was revealed that he would not find peace after death unless he killed 100 Spaniards.

Died of natural causes, telling his sons in his deathbed that he had only killed 86 Spaniards and that they should kill another 14 in his name.

Investigated for the deaths of 40 servants and slaves in her property, but never tried or convicted. Leader of a group of female poisoners that moved from Palermo to Rome after a botched poisoning. Often confused with her pupil and successor, Girolama Spara.

Former mercenary in the Swedish Army turned highwayman who was active in Eilenriede forest, then outside Hanover.

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