Error updating jscript intellisense object expected

This quote from Luke Hoban, co-creator of Type Script really hits the spot.

If you love Ruby, you'll enjoy Coffee Script as it makes the Java Script more like the Ruby. It brings useful features into Java Script in an ultimately compatible and syntax-friendly way using language constructs you're comfortable with.

You can create a new Scope and set the exclusion rules in — in this field you should specify the path to the compiled files (it could be a directory where the files are saved or the files themselves, separated with colon).

Folks rail against static typing but they don't complain about JSLint.

While its features get more and more support in modern browsers and runtimes (see the Kangax compatibility table), to deploy your ES6 code you still need to compile it to ES5.1, the current version of Java Script.

In this blog post we’ll have a look at some of the options that Web Storm offers to help you with this task. Web Storm will start providing smart coding assistance for ES6 and some of the latest proposals, including code completion, on-the-fly inspections, navigation for modules and classes, and more.

Type Script was announced and folks are saying "Type Script is clearly Microsoft's answer to Google's Dart" or "So Type Script is Microsoft's answer to Coffee Script." I was chatting with Jez Humble today about the intense interest and some little gnashing of teeth around Type Script and he offered this little gem of a quote: Type Script has been out a day. Type Script builds on Java Script so there's no JS interop issues.

It's way early to see if it has legs, but it seems initially promising. Dart is a native virtual machine written from scratch. It doesn't even use the Java Script number type for example.

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