Elizabethan dating customs

If the family was very wealthy, they may even provide black clothing for professional mourners.Black dresses, pins, stockings, gloves, and sprigs of rosemary in a hatband were all visible signals that a person was in mourning.Funeral customs in Shakespearian times were quite different than they are today.It is interesting to compare and contrast the similarities.For common people, there were not markers or headstones to mark the site of the grave.Those who were wealthy might be buried inside the church.However, if the death was considered a suicide, the body could not be buried in the churchyard.During this period, the body would be washed by a midwife and wrapped in a simple sheet before it was placed inside the coffin. However, experts believe that flower sprays and arrangements were not used during this time unless they were tossed into the grave with the deceased.

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Some traditions, including those of ancient Chinese and Jewish societies, took on a more contractual approach to courtship, dictating that marriage be a matter of negotiation between two families.

(That approach may sound like a less swoon-worthy history, but it probably led to just as much romance — and heartache — for courters.)Since then, suitors of the modern era have attempted countless grand gestures to woo the ones they love — and the executions haven't always been so smooth.

But that doesn't mean their low-tech gestures were any less ridiculous.

Ahead, check out five of our favorite courtship traditions from history.

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