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While this explanation may be true, it also sidesteps the real problem.

e Harmony was founded eight years ago by a conservative Christian who had a passionate interest in the benefits of shared values in heterosexual marriagex97and he sold this formula within the Christian world.

Because of Warren's strong evangelical bona fides, the impression persists that e Harmony is a dating service for Christiansx97even though the company has severed its ties with Dobson's group, and e Harmony "has never been limited to a Christian audience or any particular subset of the population," says a company lawyer.

In television ads, seemingly eligible young people face the camera and complain that they returned their library books on time or were only occasionally depressedx97and still were rejected by e Harmony.

The company ultimately agreed to link the two websites and allow people to use both without double initiation fees, according to The Associated Press.e Harmony is an online dating website that uses patented algorithms to match singles via 29 compatibility dimensions.

When visiting other online dating websites for single Christians, such as Christian and Christiansingles,com, only heterosexual pairing options are offered.

As a result of the 2008 lawsuit, the company launched Compatible Partners in 2009, an online dating website which caters to same-sex couples. that his company implemented this same-sex friendly website so that it may continue providing service in the state of New Jersey.

He noted that many Christians were so upset with the change that the company's executives had to hire guards to protect them in public."…

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