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A Dutch guy I met at a barber shop once had this to say on the subject of a Dutch Treat and dating, “ If the date is going well I do not mind paying the entire bill. If it is not going well, I will make sure she pays half. I will not spend my money on a bad date.” What immediately came to my mind was that this man was a cheapskate and clearly lacks a romantic bone in him.However, I later realized that this is not very strange in the Netherlands.It is a pity I cannot write a longer article because I have plenty of stories and views an on this subject.I will only narrate those that immediately come to my mind as I go along.I believe this culture seeped into the minds of modern African men and that is why most inadvertently romance their women, with some not even realising they are doing so.

One who built his woman a beautiful house, clothed her in the best clothes, adorned her with jewellery and fattened her up with rich foods (fat women were a depiction of a wealthy man) was the envy of the village.

“If it was a casual date I’d have no problem offering to split the bill and go Dutch, however it does feel very special when a guy picks up the check.” What Type of Date is It?

For some women the thought of going Dutch comes down to simple criteria: location, time of day and cost.

For the record I am happily married to a wonderful Dutch man whose idea of romance may sometimes differ from mine but he treats me very well and loves me.

I believe however, the above quotation has some truth.

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