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As she runs up the staircase, the suspect fires five shots through the gap of the staircase rail from where she falls and he flees the scene.“He had a split personality. He threatened any guy that spoke to Anna, even her closest friends. She was a reserved yet hard-working individual and she had the most beautiful smile, said a teary sister.outside her place of employment, next to a VW Polo, which is believed to belong to the victim.The victim sustained five gunshot wounds to her head and was declared dead at the scene by emergency services personnel.Like all snakes, they swallow prey whole, head first, and are careful not to break any bones during the constriction process, which would hinder swallowing.The python's top and bottom jaws are attached to each other with stretchy ligaments, which allow the snake to swallow animals wider than itself.Craig Smith, the owner of a snake park in Durban, is one of those who is attempting to find the python."The children I spoke to had excellent detail about the snake's markings and killing technique, which suggested that they were either reptile experts or had had the chance to watch something like this for a very long time," he said.For three hours other children hid up mango trees near the township of Lamontville, too terrified to flee, as the snake first trapped the young boy and squeezed the life out of him before consuming him whole.Eleven-year-old Khaye Buthelezi, who witnessed the extraordinary attack, was persuaded to revisit the site yesterday with The Sunday Telegraph.

Last week Sbahle gave a naughty giggle and asked the Sun Team: "Why do you think I'm dating Itu? And he's a great guy." This week Itu's phone has been on voicemail constantly.

But here he's likely to run into his ex, Minnie Dlamini (25).

Because she's a close friend of the Mpisane family.

"This will be the first time this species has been known to be a man-eater." He said the snake had probably just woken from its winter hibernation and was extremely hungry when the boy wandered into its path.

"We have never had a case of an African rock python eating a human, but they are very opportunistic eaters and the snake was obviously hungry enough to think it could cope with a child."Snake hunts by the township community are being organised each day to locate the python, but they have been told not to kill it but call in the experts instead.

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