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While it is true that the most beautiful women don’t get approached, they are often surrounded by ass-kissers. You won’t believe how many models dream about a relationship with a normal guy, because they are sick and tired of the ass-kissers.

Models, actresses and strippers are surrounded by men dinner, buy presents for them and buy their bodies. On page 19 of the Double Your Dating e Book you’ll find out how you can shift a woman’s reality in such a powerful way, that she can’t stop seeing you as her knight among ass-kissers.

By the way, if you guess the person who inspired me to take “Harris” as a surname and write his name in the comments below, I send you a free copy of my book 3 Steps to Sex. Double Your Dating e Book (it costs .97 and you can test if for free) is a scam, tell their readers to check out an alternative that costs at least .

What a surprise.​So, just because David De Angelo was born with the kind of unsexy name Eben Pagan, doesn’t mean that he is a liar and just because some dodgy website tells you to check out an e Book that’s more than three times as expensive than “” doesn’t mean that they are telling you the truth.

One of these concepts is a trick to make women treat you as if you were rich and famous. I never used this technique consciously, but I must have used it a thousand times on a subconscious level.

When I think back to the short but sweet relationship I had with my blonde Russian model, I can remember at least five times where I used this technique.​I learned this the hard way.

When I slept, I dreamed about seducing them, kissing them and…you know what.

In the past five years I transformed from an innocent guy who couldn’t look a woman into the eyes without shivering into a young man who seduced women all over the world until my special girl knocked on the door.

On page 83 and 84 David shows you a trick how you can maneuver yourself in a state where you are kind of in the friend zone, but not really. You have to read it to fully understand the concept. But at the same time she doesn’t want to be your friend. I wish I hadn’t spent the past five years without knowing that this possibility exists.​Now that you know what I learned while reading Double Your Dating for the first time and again five years later, you probably have a bunch of questions. In the year 2001 David then released his first book, the #1 bestseller Double Your Dating that this review is all about.​You get a lot. The good news is that you get a lot of value for basically no money.

It also gives some examples of personality types that women are NOT attracted to.

While I like the idea of this bonus book, I don’t like the way the information is presented.

David De Angelo allows you to test his #1 bestselling dating e Book 7-days for FREE. And even though the book is definitely not for everyone (more on that later), I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror if I spread the lie that David De Angelo’s valuable book is a scam…​…David De Angelo is not his real name. Heck, Sebastian Harris is a pen name, at least half of it.

Even without this special offer, the price you are paying is incredibly cheap. Sebastian is my real name, but once I realized that no American can pronounce my German surname without breaking his tongue, I decided to use another surname. Not every German-speaking person can be blessed with a surname that sounds as cool as Schwarzenegger.

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