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Users were unable to change the Web UI username / password from the Web UI which represents a security risk, especially for nox users.q Bittorrent v2.8.0 to v2.8.1 changelog: I have just uploaded q Bittorrent v2.7.3.You already should have received an email about your new password. However, we strongly recommend you to change your password to any other site on which you used the same password. PS: Ubuntu and OS X builds will be available in a few hours. We had a minor issue with our Paypal account, which has now been resolved. This does not mean that Paypal is preferred, the other methods work just fine too. In the meantime, more bugfixes and features were commited by others.(you may need to force refresh the main page to make your browser discard the old cached one) Again, I would like to thank everyone for the continued support and donations. So v3.1.11 should be the last unless we find some serious issues with it. It is marked as so the auto-update mechanism can work. Don't download it from q Bittorrent v3.1.1 was released.The bug tracker is still on Launchpad, and the file releases will stay on Sourceforge for now.I would also like to move the Website to use an engine such as Wordpress or Drupal to facilitate editing.

Also Qt 5.7.1 seems to be the last release supporting Windows XP.It fixes a few bugs (including one potentially important) and improves performance.Development is also progressing on v2.8.0 with a new beta release.I - however - do not have the spare time to take on this task right now.If anybody is interested in working on this, please contact me.

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