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In this year alone, 481 of the 1,754 addresses along these roads were demolished.Over time, as more residents and businesses moved out, even more structures were razed.Citizens and business owners in largely-white, affluent neighborhoods in midtown got the council to abandon the idea to rename the entire stretch, and instead, only the parts of Cincinnati Avenue in north Tulsa, a majority African American part of town, were renamed.This story was picked up by Reuters and published by the Chicago Tribune, which pointed out: Could the issue have been resolved if the City Council checked to see if in fact, there already was a road named for King? Back to I-244’s construction: It created a massive, physical barrier between downtown and north Tulsa (while destroying Greenwood for the third time), took thousands of homes and businesses, separated commercial areas from the neighborhoods they served, and forced the decline of entire neighborhoods near its route.

With the street gone, these families had no way to access their homes except by climbing over chain link fences.

It was for the last reason it was known as Federal Drive in its earliest years. It’s the road farmers took to deliver their goods to the markets in the city.

Later, it was co-signed State Highways 11 and 33, then Route 66—America’s Main Street—connecting Tulsa to Chicago and Los Angeles, and later, U. The adjacent neighborhoods featured a wonderful mix of apartment buildings, family-owned grocery stores and general stores, craftsman-style homes, cafes, barber shops, furniture stores, shoe shops, jewelry stores, billiard halls, a theater, public schools, hotels, taverns, beauty shops, and more.

His niece buys his groceries and hands them to him over the fence.

The police forcibly removed the sign, and Ham was arrested for supposedly violating the city’s building code by erecting the sign.

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The difficulty of getting to his home meant he had to rely on others for necessities: Neighborhood kids, some of whom used to swim in his private pool, bring him razor blades and magazines.

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