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Pictured, a decaying wall painting of a woman and embroidered chairs One of the most intricate and elaborate rooms is a Medieval-themed suite.

Mr Thissen said: 'The room I liked the most was the medieval room, a really extravagant suite with a carriage and suit of armour.

As the decades went by, the motels worked hard to make sure their interiors and exteriors stood out to potential punters.

Some modelled their look on a Medieval castle while others were supposed to resemble New York City.

There are only around 6,000 of the hotels in business currently.

The fake marble is starting to decay and the wall drapes are discoloured from age The hotel is now derelict.It is believed the industry is worth as much as billion a year.But young people are not coming to love hotels any more.(Judicial System Council 177 Under the amendment bill, the concept of rape in Japanese law is changed.The Japanese word for rape means forced vaginal intercourse. 177, proposed by Cabinet Bill 47 of 193 Diet Session (CB47), MOJ website (in Japanese).) The bill proposes to establish a new crime against guardians who have sexually abused children under the age of 18 by taking advantage of their psychological control over the children. 179.) Under the current crimes of rape or other act of sexual assault, the use of threats and/or violence is required as an element of the offense.

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