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There’s been a lot of media focus on how the workplace has changed since Generation Y came on the scene. From the moment baby boomers joined the workforce, women made it their mission to create a fair playing field for everyone. I can see how 40 years ago, when it was still legal to ask a woman what her husband thought of her career, it would’ve been bad to date co-workers. But today, young women feel they have equal power to men.

But after decades of feminists plowing down the boys’ club, today’s women enter a totally different kind of workplace and need totally different advice for succeeding. And they aren’t deluding themselves — women and men receive equal pay in business until they have children (after which woman are penalized for having kids more than men are).

It assumes that women aren’t equal to men, can push back childbearing indefinitely, and should put their career ahead of getting married. If you had any doubts about the power of looking like a girl at work, check out Hillary Clinton’s new look.

No one’s more studied in the art of the female image than Hillary, and her new appearance is much more feminine. There’s a wide body of research that shows that women are received better when they hit that magic point between dressing like a guy and dressing like a harlot.

Instead, start focusing on the stuff that really matters at work, like productivity skills and getting along with people.

But don’t be too much like the guys — because we know that’s no good, either.

For the last decade, girls have earned better grades and better SAT scores than boys, and they’ve had higher graduation rates, too. Getting straight A’s is, after all, widely understood to be an unreliable indicator of how well you’ll do in your career.

Hitting the midway point applies to makeup as well.This isn’t some radical statement — it’s backed by a lot of research, not the least of which is that you can’t tell your biological clock to wait while you refuse to date all the men you come in contact with.So the adage to not date men you work with is totally antiquated.So men and women approach dating at work as equals.The bigger issue here is that if you’re working 40 hours a week, you’re more likely to meet the people you want to date when you’re at the office.

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Of course you still have to have good credentials to get in, but it’s no longer essential to have the requisite number of years of work experience between college and business school.

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