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Her and her husband Scott fought all the time, because they both knew he still loved his ex-wife Kathy, and feeling trapped with Jennifer caused him to become an alcoholic again. At that moment the person who sent the pieces revealed herself: Sheila.They're having a particularly bad argument, when she screams "Nothing but lies and lies and LIES! COURTNEY THE COP IS QUESTIONING DONNA ABOUT A BREAK-IN IN THEIR APARTMENT. Considering The Bold and the Beautiful is one of the world's most watches shows and the world's no.1 most watched soap (it's watched by millions every day in over 100 countries), is it any wonder this has turned into a B&B thread?Her final line was preceded in part by, "When you SAID you didn't love me, THAT was the truth! ) who was married to Nina and I guess faked his death or something. I always thought the Bianca intervention episode was excellent as well as the last episode between Susan Lucci and Sarah Michelle Gellar.He went to a plastic surgeon to alter his appearance and the surgeon had carved the word KILLER on his forehead. Just knowing the backstage drama actually contributed to the power of the scene.I'm a bit of a youngin when it comes to soaps, but I was obsessed with Passions. Brooke fucked her husband Eric (with Eric fathering Brooke's children Rick and Bridget).It was the cheesiest thing on the planet but I was 9 years old the year it premiered and I wanted Charity and Miguel to adopt me. It should be her being held hostage and about to die. John Black fucking the shit out of Marlena on that conference table. Stefano basically forcing Marlena to reveal her affair with John at Belle's christening. I was 9 when this aired and I remember the commercials vividly. Brooke fucked her son Ridge (with Ridge fathering Brooke's son RJ). There was actually a time when there was like three soap awards on TV in the 90s.

Scott eventually returned to ex-wife Kathy.) "Also - Fairchild's character lost her unborn baby in that bloody fall through the glass door. When Lily looks at Iva and cries, "You were my best friend...", it breaks my heart. I was a freshman in college and this episode was playing in the student union and everyone was watching it. Julia Barr deservedly won an Emmy: I don't remember a lot of storyline details, but there was a character on Y&R (David?Moaning Lawrence and Nicholas' names while she's doing it.Another good scene is the Hope/Gina reveal at Maison Blanche.He played a stupid, boring character, but he was breathtaking.... Guys on the soaps were almost required to lose their shirts even for stupid reasons, like fixing the sink or fixing a tire. Kristen faking her pregnancy, Stefano recruiting lookalike Susan.Marlena and Kristen end up in a secret room the day of John and Kristen/Susan's wedding.

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