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He formed a biker gang terrorizing the people after the fall.

He wears bulletproof Plexiglas armor, which is adorned with several service medals and molded to give him a muscular appearance.

The remaining gang members on the ground started an all-out assault, and while the aquifer defenders were busy shooting them from atop, a surprise attack came from the people who climbed up. As they were doing so it came to their attention that there was a fight inside the main tower. The gang on the ground thought someone made it inside that tower.

As Moore's men were attacking up top, the defenders retreated to another tower and blew up the pipes connecting the towers. But then they saw familiar members hung from the top one after another.

Immortan Joe made himself into a divine figure for the War Boys that regard him as a god leading them to a chrome-plated afterlife in Valhalla should they impress him on the battlefield.

His cult reaches out far to The Wretched who - being at the bottom of the hierarchy - flee to The Citadel to be offered water and a way into The Citadel itself if they are chosen by Immortan Himself. He seems to have respiratory problems but due to his rank in society, he breathes clean air through a respirator mask (decorated with horse teeth to resemble a skeletal jaw) connected to a large breathing apparatus (resembling bellows) worn on his shoulders.

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Immortan Joe refurbished the abandoned lead mine and turned it into The Bullet Farm under the rule of his former gang mate, Major Kalashikov, now known as The Bullet Farmer.

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