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Cox Health has plans to partner with other agencies to provide financial support for medications for those in need.

This program is currently being introduced to communities, and kids will gradually begin being seen during the 2017 spring semester; however, the program wont be completely in full swing until the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year.

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One of the first steps was to find a large parking lot that Convoy of Hope could use to set up their relief efforts.

Over time, this grant will also allow Cox Health to offer specialty care, behavioral health, and family practice.grade) students to please be watching for an information sheet and permission slip to come home with students sometime in March.

In addition, an informational meeting will be held by Cox Health at the Monett Intermediate School Library on The February board program was presented by Scott Regional Technology Center. After competing in District Skills USA and DECA contests, some of our students took on the challenge of creating a Career and Technical Education (CTE) presentation for the Monett Board of Education.

Following a brief discussion, the Board approved the Monett R-1 Daycare program. Its a time for both reflecting on the year that has been and setting goals for the year in front of us.

As I look at the to-do list that lives on the whiteboard by my desk, I am realizing that Ive added more items to the list than Ive checked off.

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