Delayed due to accommodating passengers

They can get away with this because they assume that individual air passengers are likely to avoid the hassle of challenging a rejection in court.Extraordinary circumstances are caused by events that the airline can't control and for which they are not at fault.We've outlined a few of these key milestones to help you keep up with the changes: The European Parliament and European Commission created this regulation to establish rules on the criteria and conditions for flight cancellations and denied boarding.This also includes passenger entitlements when the airline is unable to accommodate passengers in the class they originally booked.

Airlines openly contest the recent EU legislation and have even refused to pay compensation after being ordered to do so by the EUCJ.

This regulation came into effect in February 2005 but doesn't include a reference to delayed flights.

In this case, The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) concluded that airlines can't categorize technical issues in the aircraft's maintenance as an "extraordinary circumstance," thereby closing the loophole airlines often used to avoid paying compensation for canceled flights.

Since this law was implemented in 2005, there have been many breakthrough judgements against airlines in the EUCJ, dramatically changing the landscape of air passenger rights.

We've summarized the most important cases in the Breakthrough Rulings section.

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