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That may be because I have nothing specific in mind when I’m working. I try to put double or multiple meanings into my photos, which might give rise to a greater variety of interpretations." ," a loose circle of American artists who came to artistic maturity and critical recognition during the early 1980s, a period notable for the rapid and widespread proliferation of mass media imagery.

At first painting in a super-realist style in art school during the aftermath of American , Sherman turned to photography toward the end of the 1970s in order to explore a wide range of common female social roles, or personas.

That interlude gave way, in 1992, to Sherman's Sex Pictures, a project taken up in response to the censorship of the art of .

Long assumed to be a medium that "mirrors" reality with precision, photography in Sherman's hands simultaneously constructs and critiques its apparent subject.

In this sense, Sherman's unique form of portrait photography functions, in part, as a sign for the subjective nature of all human intelligence and the unstable nature of visual perception.

Photos of a pink-robe-clad Sherman were ultimately deemed too racy by editor Ingrid Sischy and rejected.

There is no knowing whether a subsequent series shot from 1985 to 1989, Disasters and Fairy Tales, was in some sense a response to that act of rejection, but, notably, it is a much darker endeavor than its prettified predecessor.

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