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I felt silently judged by my peers, the silent sniggering of the group of blonde girls in the corner was too much for me.By the time the playtime bell went i sped out the classroom and sat in a slightly grassy area in the playground. "I'm new, I don't know anyone here." I replied. We said nothing for a few more moments."I'm Lola""Evie""My friend Nicola is not in today.Liked Matty's answer when asked who would win (Cowboys).So there is no way to tell if they are actually dating or not, although I think they are just friends, Youtube buddies, enjoying each other's company. Besides even if they were seeing each other socially it would be NONYA (none of your dang business).Dave Joseph Colditz (a.k.a Dave Days) is a Musician/Comedian on You Tube from Downingtown, Pennsylvania.

I love everyone on the show,but I'm closest with Tiffany, I have sleelovers with her and Kimmi all the time.

I have an awesome best friend,he does You Tube too you may know him his name is Dave Days.

You also may recognize me from So Random because I'm on a lot.

Dave made a music video with Miley Cyrus called Last Song in which the actress/singer makes a cameo appearance.

Dave has passed the 1,000,000 subscriber mark on You Tube and his videos are featured in commercials and advertisements.

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Despite being the first video uploaded on Dave's first channel, it is not the real first video Dave uploaded.

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