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Sure, it’s had some highs (mostly minor brushes with fame), but also some low lows that I hope not to repeat. The worst thing about not being on Jdate anymore is that I can’t make fun of it’s “new” features.2) Sites will find a way to get rid of ghosts.Here are some ways I am hoping 2015 will be different for those of us navigating online dating. Speaking of new fangled apps, in S’s post about Coffee Meets Bagel, she mentions that she was removed from the site do to inactivity. Sadly, much of the space on internet dating websites is taken up by ghosts. (Especially if they look like the 1995 movie version of Casper). Yup, hold on to your hat Tim Gunn, because there is a date post coming your way in a couple days, and it features a whole litany of complaints, including some about what I consider one of most serious fashion faux-pas of our time. C., where I am pleased to report that more has been happening than me just hating on JDate. Mostly just me going on dates with Js from the site and then finding something about them to hate on.

I mean, we all know meeting new people is horrible, no matter when you do it.Actually, to be completely honest, he was in his early 20s, about 10 years my junior, and I was trying very hard to keep my hands to myself.But his nice-guy charm – he stayed behind to help clean up the half-full beer bottles and burger-stained paper plates – was winning.I smiled when a message from him popped up the next day on Facebook, requesting a private badminton audience. My friend José gave me a new nickname: “All Ages.” I had to police my Facebook wall, especially after another friend, Shawn, started writing one word – stroller – on a semi-regular basis.Given the age difference, my new prospect resulted in immediate hassling by friends and family. But it turns out that age was the least of our differences.

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AND, we both like to sit at our computers and scheme). (I realize that name doesn’t make a ton of sense, but I could resist the rhyme).

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