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You meet a great guy, have a fabulous first date, then you never hear from him again.

Or you meet men who are so off from your ideal that you wonder if you will ever find true love.

I’d love to make it easier for you to find the right guy too.

You are entitled to whatever qualities you want in a man.

Another friend of mine, David, has been craving companionship.

It can take a few dates to figure things out but that’s exactly what dating is for.

Once you know you aren’t a match, move on to find the love you deserve.

They're annoyed it's taking so long and confused about where that person might be. People all over the world are searching far and wide for that special person to perfectly complement their precious soul. Frustrated, we buy a telescope, look into the beautiful night to say, "These constellations are beautiful.

We feel like a pirate on the edge of his ship looking out to sea for riches and treasure — our special someone must be out there also. Oh, wait, what about that big closet in the second bedroom? I think that's the Big Dipper, and over there, is that Orion?

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