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The thing about the Pseudo-Intellectual is that he may seem exciting to converse with at first, until you realize that what you’re doing isn’t conversing, but simply listening to him speak. A beard, man bun, flannel shirt, and devil-may-care attitude are the calling cards of this downtown denizen, but you’d be surprised how much effort actually goes into looking like you don’t give a shit.Notice how every time you attempt to voice your opinion about the topic at hand, he cuts you off abruptly, meandering in some alternative conversational direction that eventually serves to cement his original point. That beard that so perfectly highlights his cheekbones didn’t trim itself, and that beanie covering his (seemingly) unwashed hair actually set him back at Opening Ceremony.If he comes from money, he doesn’t work and lives in a suspiciously nice apartment, but will go to great lengths to avoid admitting that he personifies the “Trustafarian” stereotype.If he doesn’t, he probably works two service jobs and lives illegally in his art studio, where you’ll have to walk down the hall to access the bathroom.The man at the centre of the controversy addressed in the Wragge report, Mahboob Hussain, has been a senior figure in the Labour Party in Sandwell for more than 15 years.According to his council profile he was first elected in 2004.Mr Hussain and Mr Jones both ‘agreed to ignore’ the valuation, said the QC, adding that ‘the sale should not have gone ahead’ due to the big discrepancy in price.

Find him in his natural habitat at any big-name art fair—he’ll be sporting an expertly tailored suit and Italian leather shoes that cost more than your monthly rent.

But watch out: success at any cost is the name of his game, and he may be a little too used to getting what he wants.

The prospects for long-term fidelity are low in this one.

He’s spontaneous and game for whatever—be it posing naked for your drawing class or dropping mushrooms and driving to Montauk for the day.

He’s not super into “putting labels on things” and often disappears for days on end, only to show up at your doorstep, bewildered by your apparent vexation.

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