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I later found the exact e-mail he had sent me from an internet website filled with love quotations.In fact, I found a copy of his entire message on the internet along with explanations for where to insert the woman’s name and a choice of endearments for the romantic message!Now I was one of the 51% of Americans that was single.That instantly made me vulnerable though I did not realize it.This was accompanied by a half dozen other such messages at that website which I instantly recognized, as he had previously sent me those same messages.So my love for this stranger went down the drain as I realized I had been fooled.But I did become suspicious because this was now the fifth match from e Harmony with practically the same profile and the pattern was too similar to the previous matches. FINANCIAL LOSS According to my online research, the average American woman has been scammed out of ,000 before realizing there was no hospital bill for a sick boy and the man she thought she was sending money and writing to was not necessarily a man or even available, or the right age, or Caucasian or living in America or Canada, but just a con-artist from Nigeria or Ghana who could not be prosecuted under American or international laws.Many of these women also had their credit card numbers stolen or their identities.

With the exception of the one real man from Ohio, all 15 e Harmony matches were writing to me from Accra, Ghana and Lagos, Nigeria.

Or their profile lists one name, and they introduce themselves in an IM under an entirely different name.

They tend to butcher English names leaving out some of the letters.

The Africans’ intent is to pretend to be in love by sending flowery prose and then eventually asking for money.

They know to go for the heart strings, so they have a sorrowful story about their sick child who had to go to the hospital for some emergency, combined with a roundabout explanation for why they need money to help pay for the hospital bill.

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