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If you’re a dude, and you’re overweight, where ARE you setting up shop in the online datingsphere?Just pop me an address and I’ll set my ship yonder.(I know not all big guys are into big girls, but it seemed like a more logical place to start.)Yes, I understand you have a calculator somewhere that says I’d have a lot in common mentally and ethically with this attractive guy who claims he can’t live without biking a century every weekend, but I’m telling you its not gonna fly.When someone says it’s important to date someone who’s in shape, they usually mean it. Somewhere out there is my geeky dim sum-loving prince who thinks a night spent watching disaster flicks is 7 percent of heaven WHY ARE YOU BLOCKING ME FROM DESTINY?” Friends of mine were setting one another up on dates but not me.It makes such an obvious statement—that no one would ever find me attractive because of my weight.I very specifically took full body photos of me on my not-most-awesome day, rather than choose more flattering photos.

I was embarrassed and annoyed, already contemplating how I was going to get out at the end. I’ve dieted my whole life and can’t remember a time when I wasn’t concerned about my weight.And since it works for them and costs me nothing to try, I gave in and quietly gave it a go.Nothing had changed -- I couldn’t just search for dudes who would be more likely to fit into my body range.So I did a little experiment, I went looking for sites just FOR overweight singles.It was like hopping into a time machine and setting course straight for Geocities -- just awful.

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In light of yesterday’s controversial piece by Maura Kelly, I’m posting a story by Jennifer Abramowitz (as told to me), an amazing plus-size woman who recently spoke openly to me about her experience dating in New York City.

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  1. Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and with it thoughts of love, romance, and if you haven’t yet already, finding that special someone!

  2. We already knew that hookup trend pieces were boring and overwrought and full of fear-mongering, but there's another, even more concrete reason they should be ignored: like many trend pieces, they're only about White people.