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I clicked on the “extras” tab and to my surprise there was nothing extra being offered?It was just a few of their basic features like people I viewed and people who viewed me.- The site features a blog from the marijuana advocacy group NORML which features all the news from the world of marijuana legislation and potential legalization.It also features a lot of great articles about the stigmas surrounding the associated health problems and potential for the substance to be used for medicinal purposes.There is also a tab to “Upgrade Account” but nothing comes up when I click on it.Hopefully they weren’t planning to get a bunch of member and then decide to start charging them, this likely wont happen since the site has a very low number of members still.- The homepage features an open chat section that any member can post in.

A lot of the profiles didn’t have profile pictures.420is designed for a very small niche market of people who regularly smoke marijuana, but it seems the niche is a bit to small.Maybe we can chalk it up to stoners being a bit behind the ball or regularly late to the party, so its possible the extremely low number of members will grow in the future once the Family Guy marathon is done and Hostess finally stops making Twinkies.Although, when I did a search it yielded only 6 results!and it was a general search for females in New York City.

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- The site has roughly 6,000 members, but that number is growing everyday - Members can block or report other members if need be.

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