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The palace's kitchens, a grand quadrangular structure called the Bread House, were fitted with white PVC windows and underground space was added to get some "added value." Critics say it has been irrevocably spoilt. Detsky Mir or Children's World department store on Lubyanka Square in Moscow.

Regarded as a masterpiece of Stalinist architecture, the famous shop, a favourite of generations of Soviet schoolchildren, has been shut for years pending a controversial renovation.

However, Nikolai Tsiskaridze, a veteran Bolshoi principal dancer, has sparked a row after saying that the newly restored theatre reminded him of a Turkish hotel, alleging its costly facelift had been done on the cheap.

The program, date, time and venue are subject to change.

In 1931, the Soviets blew it up however to make way for a giant monument to Vladimir Lenin that was never built.

In the end, it was transformed into the world's largest outdoor swimming pool.

It famously contained an entrance to a nearby metro station and featured on the label of Stolichnaya vodka bottles.

Located just off Red Square in the heart of Moscow, the imposing Stalin-era hotel opened its doors in 1935 and showcased works of art and mosaics by some of the Soviet Union's best artists.

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Critics fear that many of the building's most prized features – including the central top-lit hall, the main entrance area and escalator shafts – will be demolished. The famous opera and ballet theatre in central Moscow has just undergone a six-year £500 million renovation after fears it was sinking into an underground river.

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