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I went from a place with extremely high talent to one that had little.I had not much choice but to use this trip more as an opportunity to relax, practice making Youtube videos, and meditate on how insanely lucky I am to live in Eastern Europe where the women enjoy my company, are exceedingly pretty, and are often open to making sexual communion with me.This is probably why I passed on South America to live in Eastern Europe, where people better match my demeanor.The going rate for a vodka on the rocks in most nightclubs is US.Besides the five times daily call for prayer and a million kebab shops, there isn’t much room left for authentic Turkish culture.

If a Turkish man doesn’t have a steady girlfriend with the intent to marry her, his dick is cleaner than the air in space.

The most beautiful girl in the world is probably Swedish, but her more numerous variant—the chubby Swedish girl with burly shoulders and a rectangle face—disgraces her ancestral line.

Nonetheless, you’ll never see a Turkish man pass on a Swedish girl, no matter how grotesque and vile.

Actually, it was worse than just about anywhere I’ve been in the past five years, even Riga, Copenhagen, and Washington DC.

If you’re considering a summer trip to Turkey, you need to keep the following in mind: In spite of any propagandic notion from the American media that Turkey is Westernizing, the sex roles remain nearly as strict and traditional since Ataturk’s time. Instead of one-night stands you have six-month stands, where you commit before fornicating.

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Most of them travel with their boyfriends and families, though once in a while you can catch a pair of above-average Russian girls in the club until the hotel bus driver comes to fetch them when you’re only halfway through your seduction.

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