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The individual molds were then stuck together with slip to produce a figure, then fired, driving out all water content, to form the biscuit.It is essential to keep in mind that manufacturing processes evolve continuously.

MANUFACTURE: Taking over from Pratt wares simple underglaze colors, a more extensive palette appears, mainly as enamels on top of the glaze, often meticulously applied.

Riding the wave of the young Queen Victoria's huge popularity, and with an expanding market to town and city buyers, sales of pottery figures reached new heights.

Figures depicting pastoral scenes and pursuits, reminiscent of rural life were of great sentimental importance to the rural poor now flocking to find work in rapidly industrializing towns and villages.

PRE-VICTORIAN Circa 1810 to 1837 Also known as Pearlware, Early, and Early 19th Century.

DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: -Characteristic blueish greenish greyish tinge to the white lead glaze - decorated all round - frequently open bases - often multiple molds.

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