Dating someone you find unattractive

In all fairness, I took it as meaning that it is the TALKING about someone who you are dating as being unattractive that would make you feel "humiliated" to be dating them.I am not sure humiliated is the word I would use, but I certainly would not think highly of myself if I was badmouthing the person I was dating's physical appearance (or anything about them for that matter), and particularly to my ex!A few weeks later he stared dating a female that he has many times mentioned how unattractive he finds her physically although she seems a nice person.

In the abstract sense, I think that physical attraction can grow - I've known attractive people who when I got to know them better, I found dreadfully unattractive, and unattractive people (as I originally thought) become attractive once I knew their personalities.It would make me think he was weak-willed and that he didn't have a mind of his own...yes, I wouldn't think that highly of him talking about a woman he dated right after he said she was not attractive.5moreyears I also wondered that to begin with but I also wondered if him being made to feel good about himself at a time that he was hurting might have made him see things through his rose tinted glasses. My ex H talked all the time about the only woman at his many of you would date someone you weren't attracted to.many people say its what's on the inside that counts.

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