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Starting c1971 with "White Face": plain front plate, "Rollei-Werke, Franke & Heidecke". S/Ns: 2.442.134-2.454.999 - K7F3: 1967-1973, Planar lens, no flat glass provision, 12/24 frame counter.A smaller company was created again with former DHW Fototechnik employees, under the name DW Photo at the same location.This camera used a 135 mm/f4.0 Carl Zeiss Sonnar taking lens.The camera had a 2 megapixel CMOS sensor in the square format of the traditional TLR.The lens was a 9 mm f/2.8 with 5 elements, focussing down to 10 cm. This was superseded by the MINOX DCC (Digital Classic Camera) Rolleiflex AF 5.0.

(A companion line intended for amateur photographers, Rolleicord, existed for several decades.) However, a variety of TLRs and SLRs in medium format, and zone focus, and SLR 35 mm, as well as digital formats have also been produced under the Rolleiflex label.

Some, professional, amateur and fine-art photographers still shoot Rolleiflex TLR film cameras with color transparency, color negative, or black-and-white film.

The later f2.8 and f3.5 letter models (Planar or Xenotar lens) are highly sought after in the used market, and command the greatest price.

In many details the camera retained the details of the original, including a waist level view finder and a hand crank to prepare the camera for the next shot.

As the name implies, the camera was a digital reproduction, with the "viewing" lens being a dummy.

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