Dating orgrimmar

This boss is located in some sort of underground area of Orgrimmar that seems to have been unlocked only as part of the Siege of Orgrimmar, since it is not accessible in-game otherwise.

This remains the case with all bosses following Molkorok. It has a short enrage timer, and it will require the utmost focus from your entire raid.

This encounter is a repeating sequence of two identical phases, which eventually leads to the demise of the boss.

The boss is not complicated from a tactical point of view, but it will put your raid's synergy and gear to the test.

This is the final encounter that takes place in the city of Orgrimmar proper.The next three boss encounters can be performed in any order.The Spoils of Pandaria is an unusual fight, where your raid will not have to face any .Your raid will face two Shamans in a twins-type of fight.The bosses share health, and the fight becomes more difficult and more complex as the bosses' health drops lower.

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