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By contrast, my friend and I recently met two American women for drinks and within the first ten minutes one pulled out her phone and started texting.That in itself was disrespectful, of course, but hear what she answered when her friend asked who she was texting: “That guy from last night.” Utterly shameless! You can treat an American woman well, but still she will complain.I bought one a shot of Fireball the other weekend; when I brought it to her she griped, “I only drink clear liquor.” Non-American women come from backgrounds that do not make them so entitled, so that it is actually worth your time and trouble to spend money on them.If you approach an American woman in a bar or club, she may ask you to buy her a drink, even though she does not even know you, and as if you owed her something just because she has her tits and ass on narcissistic display!Now this is very difficult to do since virtually all women are preternatural masters of dissimulation, very difficult to completely read and just as difficult to fool. American women are absurdly fickle, much more so than women in general. You can be treating an American woman well, and things can seem to be going well.

The former is tiresome for me: I find it unnatural to suppress my emotions just so that a woman doesn’t find me “needy” or “clingy,” no longer a source of novelty and excitement, no longer a kind of elusive emotional rock to try to break through.

A non-American woman will make you put in some work, and unlike most American women, she may be worth it.

Being fundamentally unreasonable, an American woman may take offense at just about any remark. I don’t like tattoos on women, but I was a bit thirsty, and she was hot anyway, so I gave it a go.

Non-American women, not being raised in a culture of fantasy and entitlement, tend to require only that you be moderately attractive, fairly decent and kind, with a bit of money in the bank and game to go with it—it’s always necessary, you see, to be keep women turned on and not bored.

Non-American women are also enjoyable to be around, good for more than sex: you can relax and enjoy their company without having to worry about calculating your every move, lest you slip up and prompt them “not to settle.” And they will respect you from the beginning, as well as be grateful and gracious to you for treating them well.

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