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Ancient gods, such as Zeus, fell in love constantly and fathered demi-god children.Wars were fought over love or spurned affections as is the case of the Trojan War where Paris spirited away Helen from her husband, the king of Sparta.A mmorpg offers a player many things: the opportunity to explore uncharted lands, to undertake dangerous quests, to find innumerable riches and magical items, and to confront dangerous creatures.Players can craft their own items, create musical compositions, and even build their own towns and cities depending upon the online game being played.Think about every major tv show, movie, or book series, and you'll find a degree of romance in every instance.Some times the level of romance is high, such as a romantic comedy, while other times it can be more quietly expressed, such as in action movies where the hero fights his way through hordes of bad guys to save the woman he loves.To the game company, this can be quite a headache for something that they don't consider essential to the game.

Time will tell if romance will worm its way into the next generation of mmos.

Many of the player's companions are able to be romanced through conversations, choices made, and gift giving.

Make the right decisions and have your companion's affection get high enough, and even marriage can be achieved. The game world of an online game serves as the framework for players to socialize together and extensive interaction with npcs was believed to get in the way of the "multiplayer" aspect.

As you can see, romance is abundantly found in literature and human existence, so why do most mmo games not have it?

I know that many games features npcs that are in love with another npc, and such romances can serve as a backdrop to quests or the basic lore of the game.

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