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Joe, my bailiff, used to tell me that and I asked him, “Why is that?” He said, ‘I don’t know why but when you ask a guy to do something, give him a minute to do it.Toler’s advice has been sage enough that she has actually managed to save a few of the marriages of the couples who have appeared before her on “Divorce Court.” Here she shares with e Harmony her best tips on how to get from falling in love to happily ever after. Every year they tell each other, “I am divorcing you and I am remarrying you next year.” They invite all their friends and they make jokes about what they don’t like about each other.e H: What is the biggest mistake people make in dating and relationships? Then they forgive each other and start fresh the next year.

Men can transform what is happening in her head to something happening in the bed. Speak to have a problem solved, don’t express your frustration.

LT: I think the biggest mistake that people make is not understanding the chemistry of it. It sounds silly but it is a way to keep your eye on things and have fun while you’re doing it. e H: What else do you think is needed for long-term success?

In other words, that overwhelming feeling makes you believe that he or she is The One when really it is like a chemical reaction. e H: It also lets your partner know what you are thinking. You have to know where the other person stands and what they are feeling. LT: I think you have to have a real understanding of money.

The audience for “Divorce Court” is up almost 50 percent from last year and a big part of the attraction is the common-sense approach taken by its presiding judge, Lynn Toler, who began overseeing the drama of separating couples in 2006. In other words, I think women do this a lot: Well, he doesn’t want to have kids and he isn’t interested in the same things I am, but I am really in love. But what I will say in regard to warning signs is someone who has had a lot of bad relationships before. If there is too much too soon, if someone has to have you — he met you on Tuesday and he can’t do without you on Thursday — that is a bad sign.

Naturally, Toler has learned a lot from her eight years on the bench of the TV series, during which she has taken note of the most common mistakes that couples make — resulting in an appearance before her! e H: Do you think people can change for a relationship? e H: One of the aspects that your book is predicated on is the belief that love isn’t enough to take couples from head over heels to happily ever after. LT: I think you bridge the gap by being mindfully married.

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