Dating midlife

You know he’s not in there, but you keep looking anyway—just in case somebody returned a gently used pair of duck boots to get you through the wintertime.

Within a few months time, I amassed an email folder filled with dozens of profiles and messages from men in various parts of the country.

A lack of bucks translated to evenings watching and ordering Chinese take-out.

In one's 40s, 50s and on, dates more often include dinner and ballet or a weekend in the wine country.

Every once in a while, I can still catch myself thinking about the thirtysomething brother who temporarily swept me off my feet a little over a year ago. Right Now was decidedly less bookish than what I had been accustomed to—preferring Timberland boots, sagging pants, and 2 a.m. For a few enjoyable weeks, I suppose I was caught up in the way he kept me steady and grounded.

After a little coaxing, I got a tattoo on our first date.

I even set up my ex-husband with his new girlfriend!

But the unpleasant feelings didn’t last beyond the sunrise.

Once upon a time, when an unmarried person hit middle-age, it was tantamount to a sentence—not of death but something worse: celibacy.

When single people hit 50, suddenly it was all over. Middle-agers are out and about, dating and mating and finding true love.

If I am being honest, dating has fallen somewhere behind getting adjusted to living in Brooklyn, a never-ending search for the perfect pair of jeans, and Face Timing with my granddaughter.

Frankly, I’ve been more concerned with the broken icemaker in the 9th floor snack room than the heat of a kiss. Tweeting under the hashtag #Waking Up In Brooklyn, I often chronicle my travels (or travails, as they were) and most often I am alone.

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He bent his knees, bolted into the air, and planted his feet on a riser nearly four feet off the floor. The only bolting I do these days are the locks on my loft door and I save the planting for my makeshift indoor herb garden. and, if I make good time, I can file my column, attend the daily editorial meeting, and scramble uptown to a radio studio for an hour-long interview.

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