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He knows no bounds when it comes to trying to get a woman in the sack and will try to get her drunk to help him do so.

He may also prey on women’s insecurities to get what he wants before discarding them. Never Wrong: This type of guy will express the most absurd opinion as fact, and when presented with information contrary to those opinions, will still maintain his position.

An older woman once told me a cautionary tale about the man she married who she thought was a “mama’s boy.” He hung himself after his mother died, because he couldn’t imagine life without her. I Have Made Every Woman I’ve Ever Been With Orgasm: I run into these guys far too frequently and every single time the statement “I’ve made all the girls I’ve been with come” comes out of their mouths, I just roll my eyes and walk away. I love to travel,and a willingness to hop and a plane and GO is something I need. That Guy Who Is Still Mansplaining Street Harassment: No, there is no reason or excuse for men invading women’s physical or emotional space in public. If a man still believes there is, there is simply no conversation to be had. For that reason, whenever certain men have not attained “success,” as defined by male/female societal roles, when he cannot be “the provider” and his “manhood” is undermined, he often becomes self-loathing, depressed or hostile which can be dangerous for his partner.

She walked into her home and he was dangling from the roof in their bedroom. That Guy Holding The #All Lives Matter Placard: Like, really? When we consider the vast and available literature on female sexuality that points to the reality that many women have difficulty coming all by themselves, any man who is delusional enough to believe that somehow he just has the “magic stick” just should not be entertained. (Men who don’t necessarily adhere to strict gender rules/norms and define their own success don’t fit in this description.) 14.

You tell me how often that happens based on the divorce rate... For example, call her regularly for a couple days to discuss a sad story and patiently listen to her voice her concern. Then call her and when she asks why you don't answer your phone tell her you were going to answer but the Three Stooges were on... I wonder if I should give him a piece of my juicy T-bone steak?

Anyone can be a nice guy and bad guy at the same time!! Nah..." Sensative , not wussy Kind, yet assertive Never controlling nor abusive Strong enough to say no..especially to another temptation..

When you try to make a husband out of a lover is when disaster strikes. Be a nice guy for a while then switch and be bad guy for a little bit.Anyone can be a nice guy and bad guy at the same time!! Nah..." Oh , and to Mr "keep em guessing".only one you are fooling is yourself! A woman would love you for who you really are if you give her and yourself the chance.right woman. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. Over ,000 in prizes has already been given out to active posters on our forum. He has accepted his lot in life and there’s nothing you can say to inspire him, so just save your breath and walk away. The Player: There’s a reason why this guy is at the bottom of the list: he is completely irrelevant.The man who still measures his manhood by the number of women he has slept with needs to be tested for STIs and get some serious counseling.

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Yeah, that may be an extreme case (and one likely amplified by mental health issues) but the connection a mama’s boy has with his mother can be extremely powerful and may be more important than you. Super Macho Man: This guy screams or gets into physical altercations with strangers –and might just do so with you. Hotep: For those unfamiliar with “Hotep” dude (lucky you), some of his favorite pastimes include: policing women’s clothing choices, blaming Black women for the woes of the Black community and distributing homophobic propaganda. If this guy still doesn’t understand the significance of the #Black Lives Matter movement and why running around talking about “all lives” is just plain dismissive and disrespectful,there is sincerely no hope for him. “The Fixer” (Who Can’t Fix Shit): You know the guy: he claims he can fix everything, yet when he hands something back to you it is in a worse condition than when you originally gave it to him.

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