Dating in the dark recap july 27 role of radio isotopes in dating the past

And were combing through everything because they wanted to find DNA.Elliot however, didn’t know about any of that so he was still going back and forth over what to do with Darlene when Ray presented an opportunity. Robot had told Elliot that if he said anything that he was going to find the tallest building he could and throw them both off of it. Robot had apparently thought that would stop Elliot from talking, but it hadn’t been because Elliot hadn’t been scared.At the Marin house, where coffee flows like water, the Liars are debriefing the hell “A” wrought at the fashion show and wondering if Officer Garrett has made any progress with Logan Reed, the RPS delivery guy.I don’t really remember what Garrett was meant to be doing with that guy, actually.Aria goes, “I was thinking of pairing like a sleeveless bedazzled tuxedo shirt with some cut-off jean shorts and cowboy boots, and maybe these new earrings Spencer made out of Mona’s spleen.” Ella picks an elegant, black cocktail dress instead, and then tries to have a word with Mike, who comes clomping in the house, hollering about, “Gotta go! At Marin’s Coffee Shop of Hidden Dollars, Emily is preparing egg white omelets for breakfast, with fresh parsley and everything. Ashley wouldn’t know fresh parsley if she was forced to whore herself out to it in order to free her daughter from some misdemeanor theft charges.Actually, Ashley is so impressed with the sight of actual food in her kitchen, she says she might go for the “daughter upgrade.” Which, not so funny on account of: a) Hanna’s dad already did that exact thing, and b) Hanna’s face foreshadows that it’s actually going to happen.

You know it’s going to be a good episode when the first previously is Jenna and Aria in pottery class in the dark, circling each other like some blind sharks.What’s important is that Hanna and Emily do this weird thing about how great it is to live together, in the exact same room, how it’s like a never-ending sleepover.And then Aria and Spencer do this other weird thing where they look at each other like, “Do they mean .But she had agreed to help her brother then and she was coming to him now because she needed his help.Darlene’s revolution wasn’t working out as she planned and so she needed Elliot to rejoin fsociety although she was keeping certain things to herself and thought Elliot wouldn’t notice.

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