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Then she puts her head on your shoulder and snuggles up. But they eventually do, then you have to go back to the mountain, and you always find that magic again. Lay the first row on the outside of the line and then another along side.To me, that is a romantic winter date.” “Tubing at Soldier Hollow. Anyone can give a ‘good impression’ when doing something easy like dinner for an hour. For each additional layer lay two more rows slightly offset as real bricks, but also inch then towards the center to create a dome shape.As their name suggests, Nickel City's arcade games are only one nickel to play.Play classic games, laser-tag, or enjoy skee ball for tickets and prizes.Located in Orem, Utah, the Cinemark University Mall Cinema provides daily digital movie entertainment featuring the latest cinematic productions.

The theater offers a variety of refreshments, and has discount matinees.

Providing viewers with some of the best performed comedy and music, Hale Center Theater Orem knows how to put on a show.

Colorful consumes, vibrant characters, and exciting stories will have the audience on the edge of their seats.

Dinner and the theater is a beloved classic staple, but Utahns like to go above and beyond when it comes to spending time with that special someone, particularly when it involves hot chocolate and a crackling fire to set the mood.

Fortunately, Utah has plenty to offer both inside and out, all year long. Nothing excites me more than to know a girl I am dating is a snowboarder as well.

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There is something magical about letting a relationship flourish while doing something you love.

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