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This means that they generally have a cleaner sound and a more 'American' overdrive.

These types of tubes are very popular among Fender users, who are looking for a classic 1950s-1960s rock and blues sound.

The real determinants for a tube are construction, when and where it was made, and etched codes.This means that, for example, producers like RCA or Mullard manufactured tubes for other companies, and would put a different company logo on the tube.A Mullard tube that says 'The Fisher,' 'Bogen,' or 'Knight,' is still a Mullard tube.In other words, an RCA or Telefunken that is labeled Zenith or Fisher is the same exact tube as a 'real' RCA or Telefunken, provided they were made in the same factory with the same codes.We carefully screen, inspect and test all the tubes we sell to make sure you are getting exactly what you pay for. SHORT PLATES The 12AX7/ECC83 comes in two main types (with some exceptions): 17mm Long Plates and 14mm Short Plates.

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Note: If you have a Bob Latino amplifier, we do not have any suggestion on what to use. Kevin Deal searches the world for new old stock tubes hidden in the wildest places, and he struck gold here!

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