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The former Enochs High School business teacher and his former student became international news in February after Hooker left his wife and three daughters and quit his teaching job to live with Powers. But Hooker called her "relentlessly" and she began talking with him daily, her mother, Tammie, told the Neighbors in Modesto reported seeing the couple together last weekend, and Powers confirmed to a Sacramento TV reporter who turned up at the apartment Tuesday that she and Hooker were again a couple.

Also Tuesday: California legislators killed a measure that sought to make it a felony for a teacher to have a romantic relationship with a student at the same school, regardless of the student's age.

On weekend trips to Los Angeles, where he tapes his show, they have eggs and cheesecake with his friends and cast members at Jem’s Famous Deli in Studio City before heading off to spend an afternoon shooting hoops in the park.article, which essentially chronicles the first year of their relationship, continues on with further justifications of the couple’s strange existence from both Seinfeld and Lonstein, as well as unnamed sources “close” to the both of them.

Here is Seinfeld:“When I wasn’t involved with Shoshanna and was seeing several women, then it was awkward,” he says. My interest in her is very proper.”Lonstein is quoted once about the difficulty of dating a celebrity—“I would like my life to be normal and just go about being a student, but these daily obstacles don’t take away from our relationship”—and also cites “a source close to her family” as saying that her parents approve of their relationship (there is no indication that they didn’t).

For months now, Seinfeld and Lonstein have quietly gone about the business of getting to know one another.

At George Washington University in Washington, where Lonstein, now 18, enrolled in September, the couple walk arm in arm across campus when Seinfeld pops in for an occasional visit.

reported Tuesday that 18-year-old Jordan Powers and 41-year-old James Hooker were back together. teacher leaves family to live with student, 18On April 6, however, Modesto police charged Hooker with one count of oral copulation with a minor, allegedly for a 1998 incident involving a 17-year-old girl at another Modesto high school where he had taught. teacher with teen lover accused of '98 sex crime After police escorted Hooker out of the studio apartment the paramours shared, Powers called her mother to help her pack her things. The next day, Powers told ABC News that the relationship was over because Hooker had lied about the earlier affair."He called me from jail and, yes, I told him that we're done," she said."I lost everything for this guy. I gave up all my friends at high school because they didn't agree with me," she added.“She’s not 17, definitely not,” he initially insisted.Depending on exactly what period Seinfeld is talking about, he might have been telling the truth: Lonstein turned 18 on May 29, 1993, shortly after the two met.Shoshanna Lonstein was a senior at the prestigious Nightingale-Bamford School on the Upper West Side when, on a spring afternoon, she was approached by one of the most well-known comedians in the country.It appears unclear if Lonstein knew exactly who she was talking to at the time, but after a short conversation, she gave her phone number to the comedian, sparking a relationship that would begin around her high school graduation and end right after her college one.

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