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A simple hello does the trick “Hey baby, do your feet hurt, because you have been running through my mind all night! Listen, the truth is that a simple “Hello” will work.If she’s into you the “Hello” will work and if not, move on.Yeah, we could be wrong about this one, but I couldn’t ask any of my female friends for their opinions, because my girlfriend won’t let me talk to them anymore. Age really doesn’t matter here, so all you older gentlemen get your Viagra ready.Maybe you’d get a double look in Kansas, but walking down the streets with a girl who could be your daughter is old news here.Yeah, I know you are thinking “I am different.” Right, and I look like Denzel Washington.Ok, ok, all joking a side, you are a foreigner and that is why you are attractive.

Don’t get sucked in too early Now some may come to the DR and fall in love with this wonderful country, just don’t fall in lust, at least not right away.You are a different choice and are intriguing for potential suitors, so use that to your advantage and enjoy it.Love does exist The reason we’ve felt the need to include this is because before reading this article you might have breezed through our message board and wondered to yourself, “does love exist in the DR?Yeah you might meet a hot girl and things might get hot and steamy, but unless she’s got access to your bank account, you’ll have to get that cold shower ready pronto!Understand the double standard Some people, for whatever reason don’t understand that the double standard still exists and will affect your day to day lives.

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