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A fact proved by the relics and artifacts found in the excavations made in the historical sites from Egypt.The royalty of the ancient Egypt had a cult for the gold jewelry and paid much attention to the clothes they were wearing, preferring the silk clothes.Today's culture in Egypt is a cosmopolitan one, in Egypt living people that have different background of culture.Egypt's culture is special and unique due to the fact that the Egyptians kept intact their old cultural heritage and in the same time, they created a new, modern cultural identity.The life of the ancient Egyptians was coordinated by their gods and goddesses in who they have a very strong faith.The ancient Egypt's religious practices were related to the celestial bodies and their movements.While most Egyptians don't touch alcohol, it is available and Egyptians don't place a stigma on non-Muslims who drink moderately. S State Department notes that proselytizing is illegal in Egypt and could lead to the evangelist's expulsion.An Egyptian's loyalty to his family is paramount, with his ties to immediate and extended family trumping all other bonds and obligations.

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Coptic Christians comprise most of the remaining 6 percent of population.

Egypt's daily papers print each day's five designated prayer times every morning, Egypt's government agencies and businesses observe all Islamic holidays, and all institutions except for emergency services shut down on Friday, Islam's holy day.

Older business travelers often have more success in negotiations than their younger colleagues because Egyptians value age and experience.

Since 2006 Jim Orrill has produced reviews and essays on popular culture for publications including Lemurvision and "Sexis." Based in Western North Carolina, Orrill graduated cum laude from the University of North Carolina with a bachelor's degree in office systems.

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