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Then there are the architectural statements from past times, including the exquisite Zanzibari doors with Arabic-Indian influences dating back centuries.In days gone by, the door would be the first part of the house to be erected; the richer the owner the more ornate the door.Tanzania's culture is layered with the history of many centuries and as many cultural influences, with 120 different ethnic groups in the country.The main languages spoken today are Swahili, Arabic and English, and trade between the Arab traders and the coastal Tanzanians dates back to the first century BC.

In rural areas, where up to 70% of the population lives, you may have more of an arranged marriage between families, largely decided by your parents, or at least, within your tribe. ) Additionally, you would be much younger than your American counterparts. of A.: In 2013, the average American male was 29 and the average American female was 27. I was 23 and Michael was 24.) If you've discussed the possibility of marriage with your future spouse and you both seem coo' wid it, that's pretty much it. When you in turn ask why the woman shouldn't thank her future in-laws with a dowry, for raising a son well, they respond that the woman's gift will be in her work. Because after the day she is married, she is considered a member of her husband's family and less a member of her parent's family.The dowry has been decided upon but the groom cannot yet pay.In the meantime, the bride and groom decide to live together before they get married in a Christian church.Unlike in the United States, there is very little stigma attached to this decision, as long as there is a plan in place to pay the dowry.Once a man is able to pay off the dowry, the union can be officially blessed by the women's parents.

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Disclaimer: Since Michael and I are residing in northwestern Tanzania, where the majority of Tanzanians are Christians, I can only contribute to a conversation on traditional Christian marriage. If you're the guy, you have way more important things on your mind like...

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