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DONGGUAN, China—After years of offering production bonuses and other financial incentives to boost employee loyalty, TAL Group this year tried an unconventional tactic at its factory here in southeastern China: holding a "Sewing Olympics." The manufacturer for such companies as Burberry Group PLC and Brooks Brothers Group Inc.

had workers race to cut, stitch and fold raw fabric into high-end dress shirts.

In our community you will find news and information of everything related to the music scene from the competitions for young musical talents to television to the worldwide singing championships, such as the KWC (Karaoke World Championship) which our brand is the official organizer for Spain .

You can also participate in numerous competitions organized by our company where you can get amazing prizes like microphones, full karaoke for your house, the best reviews and unboxing of stereos and more.

In our study we only produce professional quality videos orchestrating each tune and instrument in its real color.

Just download the KCP library to each machine independently and pull the machines offline – so you can use all three machines in the field simultaneously.

The piracy issue is important, for a lot of reasons. Venue owners just assume you stole your library and have zero investment in your music, and if you price your library anywhere close to what it’s worth, there’s a pirate in your town with zero investment that the venue owner can hire for less.

Honest KJ’s can no longer earn a living wage on their shows.

NOTE: You can only be logged in to one machine at a time and downloading – but once pulled offline you can use all three machines in the field between billing cycles (1 month). Simply connect PCDJ Karaoki to the internet, and log into the KCP from the log in screen in Karaoki.

By clicking “Update Case Now” PCDJ Karaoki will connect to the KCP and download any new available songs that have been added.

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