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And it is very likely that they have several guys after her.

And yes, fat girls are more faithful than Barbie dolls.

They are better in bed Experts agree that plump women are better lovers than thin girls.

They turn out to be beasts in bed, as they are easily disinhibited.

With her, you will be able to do whatever you want without being judged.

But men should know that fat women is one of the best things that can happen to them. They are genuine If you are looking for an authentic and real girl and who doesn’t care about what people think, try to date a fat woman.They are less vain Popular and beautiful women are constantly being spoiled by their friends and boyfriends.They need to receive compliments about their appearance, their make-up or their hairstyle all the time, even if it is meaningless.They will enjoy food as much as you do (eating alone is unexciting), they will even try your meal and they will have space for dessert in their stomach! They are very tender and affectionate One of the main characteristics of fatty women is that the care a lot and they are very loving –something that pretty and skinny girls forget because they are focused on themselves.A fat girl doesn’t care too much about the appearance, and they will treat you as a king.

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