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These features allow Ariane 5 ECA to have a GTO launch capability of 9.6 t for a single satellite and 9.1 t for two payloads.

A fifth version of the launcher, Ariane 5 ES (Evolution Storable) has a LEO launch capability of 21 t and has already been used five times since 2008 to put ATVs in circular orbit, at an altitude of 260 km.

After a long wrangle between Germany and France over the future of the European launcher, the Ariane 5 ME upgrade was cancelled in December 2014 since it lacked support from France, one of the two major powers behind the launcher.

Germany had supported ME as a quicker, lower risk option to fend off rising new competitors such as Space X.

They help accelerate the launcher before separating and falling in the Atlantic Ocean.

The aim was to be able to launch larger and heavier satellites on various orbits: LEO, MEO, GTO, high-perigee geostationary orbit GTO , and even Earth-escape for interplanetary missions.

Ariane 5 ME’s payload capability to GTO was announced to be 12 t for dual payloads and a maiden flight was planned for 2018.

Le Gall said Ariane 6 could be ready for a maiden flight in 2020.

ESA will give industry the responsibility for developing and manufacturing the new launcher.

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All five Ariane 5 versions (Ariane 5 G, G , GS, ECA and ES) are based on three main elements: a Cryotechnic Main Stage (in French EPC for Etage Principal Cryotechnique), Solid Rocket Boosters (EAP for Etages d’Accélération à Poudre), and a second stage which is either a Storable Propellant Stage (EPS for Etage à Propergols Stockable) or a Cryogenic Upper Stage (ESC for Etage Supérieur Cryogénique).

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