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I would definitely have to be honest with him and let him know that although he's a great guy, attractive, intelligent, etc... If there's no zing after the first date, this can almost be expected because both parties are meeting for the first time in person and they may be more nervous and apprehensive than normal. This idea of instant attraction, or it's old name, love at first sight, is a currently popular idea. When I first found myself back in the dating scene, I listened to my instincts and did not go out on a 2nd date with those I found no connection with.I just can't see us having anything more than a friendship. Flubbed words, missed steps, off color it. If the second go is pretty much the same then this far, no further. I don't need more than two dates to determine if there's anything to "feel". Then, I started to listen to those who said "but he's such a nice guy, maybe you just need to give him a chance." Each and every time I tried that, I wished I hadn't.

Two passive people watching for sparks will have a long wait. You could be dating a depressed person whose apathy has shut down their capacity to get going.Everyone would have their own perception on what you mean by that...If a gal is cool, decent, nice, attractive, but I don't "feel it", and I can't point out why I don't "feel it", then I'm retarded.Being a great person is a separate thing from being excited about someone in particular. And someone may be extremely attractive to you at first sight.They have to be nice and all, but then there also has to be some coincidence of personality and fashion sense. Big deal, it does not confer the ability to predict the future. My parents met through a small group of friends in college, over a period of time, not through a series of formalized dating rituals.

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