Dating a clinically depressed man

We met during a vacation when I was going through a very rough time myself (divorce) and it just seemed like she understood me like no other person could.

could he just have forgotten me and our relationship?

keep hope and stay positive i'm sure you will be ok i've been in battle with depression for 18 years.

i recently started seeing a therapist and ive taken prozac.

the prozac made me feel like a zombie at first (dont feel happy or sad) then my body got used to the drug and i started feeling depressed again. i got off the prozac because i felt like it was a waist, but therapy is great...talking to someone about your problems.

Depression is like herpes you keep it for a life time and it comes and goes. you know how he is when he's depressed are you able to handle it. it seems mean, but you have to be strong enough to deal with it or it will bring you down and thats not good.

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